Block Seals

Professional Block Sealing

We specialise in block seals, making your driveway more resistant to all year around weather conditions.

Reasons to seal your driveway

  • driveway cleaning cheshireIts aesthetically pleasing
  • driveway cleaning cheshireIt enhances the natural colours in the block
  • driveway cleaning cheshireBreaths life back into old drive ways
  • driveway cleaning cheshireInhibits weed & algae growth
  • driveway cleaning cheshireHelps to resist oil and stain penetration
  • driveway cleaning cheshireAn easy to maintain finish as well as hardening the top layer of jointing sand to reduce loss

The process of sealing a block drive comprises of cleaning, using a rotary machine, re- sanding with dry kiln sand which is then settled into the joints using a compactor. Three coats of Acrylic sealant is then applied giving a silky finish.

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