• driveway cleaning altrincham, cheshire
driveway cleaning altrincham, cheshire

Recoloured Pattern Concrete

Professional Concrete recolouring

Pattern imprinted Concrete are hard wearing surfaces for driveways and patios.

People tend to forget or put of cleaning and resealing concrete pattern driveways and if left too long the colour wears through to the underlying bear concrete.

Here at Cheshire Drive Clean we have the skill and knowledge to recolour your driveway and extend the life and look of it at a far less cost of replacing it.

A typical recolouring service comprises of

  • driveway recolouring cheshireHigh Tech Rotary machine clean with detergent.
  • driveway recolouring cheshireRemoval of stains
  • driveway recolouring cheshireCracks and chips repaired where necessary.
  • driveway recolouring cheshire2 to 3 coats of colour depending surface condition
  • driveway recolouring cheshire2 coats of sealent applied with anti-slip.
  • driveway recolouring cheshireExpansion joints resealed
  • driveway recolouring cheshire1 year guarantee

We use only use the best sealents and colour pigments available on the market. The pictures below show the standard of work which we are capable of. References are available on request.

Contact us on 07736 955 647 and I will be pleased to discuss your requirements