• driveway cleaning altrincham, cheshire
driveway cleaning altrincham, cheshire

Decking Cleaning

Professional Decking Cleaning

The timber that is used for decking areas is pressure treated with a tanalising chemical which protects the wood from fungal growth, insect infestation, ultraviolet rays and water.

Although these treatments are effective against these conditions , decking is still susceptible to algal growths which often makes the surface very hazardous in wet/damp conditions.

With the use of a mild detergent treatment and high pressure rotary machine we can remove this algae for you which in turn not only makes the surfaces safer to walk on , it will extend the life of wood and clean the surface in preparation for the application of a new wood treatment.

Reasons to clean your decking

  • driveway cleaning cheshireimproved safety, less slippery
  • driveway cleaning cheshireIt enhances the natural colours in the wood
  • driveway cleaning cheshireBreaths life back into old decking

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